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From One (Formerly) Sleep Deprived Parent To Another, You Will Sleep Again!

"Sov Gott" is Swedish for "Sleep Well"


Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

My name is Danielle Nyquist. In addition to being a wife and mother of two, I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant. My own experience as a mother makes me aware of how important good sleep is. After all, sleep difficulties impact the entire family!  

 I set out on my sleep consulting journey to educate families about sleep and equip them with the tools they need to support their children through sleep difficulties. When it comes to sleep, we expect so much from our children. It is my belief that we need to support the child by fostering a sense of safety and security. That means no Extinction Methods or Cry It Out. My feel good approach is not only effective, but developmentally appropriate. 


 My mission is simple: give my clients the education, tools, and resources that they need to identify the cause of their child's sleep problems, understand the processes to fix them, and help implement a plan that’s easy to follow and effective.

I can't wait to help your family Sov Gott!

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